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Shu fly fishing products are familiar to customers who are keen on fishing in the river. The products of Shu are available in the retail shops of fishing companies. The different products like lure sand rods are known among anglers and hence they are in a continuous flow in the market. The different models, sizes, and varieties are easily available to the anglers who are in search of unique fishing products. The online sale of some retail stores is also occurring for the customers

Shu fly fishing

Let us some of the fly-fishing products of Shu for the customers. The product is Shu-Fly Single Handle 7 Fly Fishing Rod (4-Piece), Black, 10-Feet for the rod lovers in the river. The product of the Shu rod is ten feet long and it comes in four pieces. The IM graphite feature of the rod blank is liked by the customers who buy it. This feature enables many anglers to have flexible fishing in the river. It has a medium taper which is moderate in all aspects. This is a seven feet weight fly rod for the anglers. 

 Shu fly fishing products

The rod is coated with epoxy with the double coated feature of the rod for the hard use of the anglers. The anodized aluminum is the source of the reel seat of the rod of Shu fly fishing. The black coated stainless steel and oversized tip-top of the rod are other features. The presence of snake guides in the rod is another feature. The 1.5-inch butt system of the rod and also it has a 4-inch butt section. The major recommendations for this rod are 7 wt. floating switch. 

The other recommendations for the Shu rods for fly fishing are 415-435 grains. The cork handle is Aaa where you can find the warranty paper attached for the view of the customers. The rod has fuji manufactured stripping guides in it. The customers are placing orders online for this rod. The Shu fly comes in black color for the customers. 

Saltwater Shu rods for fly fishing

Yet another Shu fly rod for fly fishing available in the market is Shu-Fly Fresh/Saltwater 10 Fly Fishing Rod (4-Piece), Black, 9-Feet by Shu-Fly. The various features of the rod are 9', 4-piece, 10 weight which is easy for the anglers to carry and do involve in fly fishing. The rod has Im-8 Graphite rod blank and the cork is Aaa. The rod has a moderate taper and is fast action in the river. The product has features expected by an angler who works well in saltwater. Their requirements like a lengthy rod with weight features are fulfilled. The pack of the rod comes in four pieces and manufactured by the Shu-fly brand.

Features of the fishing rod of Shu company 

You have another product from Shu rods of the fly-fishing company manufacturing rod for fly fishing is Shu-Fly Fresh/Saltwater 8 Fly Fishing Rod (2-Piece), Black, 9-Feet. The cost of the rod is 95$ suitable to all freshwater and saltwater anglers everywhere. The 9 ft rod comes in two pieces to the customers and has wt fly rod. The IM 8 graphite feature is present on the blank of the rod. The other features of the rod are moderately tapered and is action is medium-fast. The rod is double wrapped with epoxy coated features. The black stainless-steel coating of the rod makes it unique

The other feature of the rod of Shu fly fishing is reel seat which is made up of anodized material. The customer can see the warranty paper on the cork of the rod handle and is clearly visible to the customers. The sizes of interchangeable and butt sections are 1.5 inches and 4 inches respectively. The anglers are recommended to use or 9 wt. for intermediate rods, 8 and 9 floating weight and 500-525 grains weight of the rod are attractive. 

The major features of the rod are G. Loomis Jig & Worm Casting Rod BCR802MB.7' ML Gary Loomis Signature Series Casting Rod, Cost-effective Price.

Shu fly fishing lures for anglers

Not only rods, but the company of fly fishing also excels in producing lure for anglers to catch specific fishes. The major lure is SHU FANG-Lure, Crank Fishing Lure 7.5cm/11g Crankbait Hard Bait. This lure is best suitable for topwater fishes. The position of the product is best suited in the reservoir, boat, ocean, stream, and lakes. The lure type is artificial bait for fly fishing. The colorful body of the lure attracts fishes easy to the surface and hence it helps customers to catch fishes easily. The action of the lure if very fast in the river. The weight of the lure is about 7.5cm and a length of about 11 kg.

Another lure of Shu for fly fishing used extensively used by the anglers. The lure is SHU FANG-Lure, 32pcs Fly Fishing Lure Set Artificial Bait with Hooks. it has Carbon Steel Insect Fly Fishing Hooks which is used by the anglers to catch fishes. The hook comes along with the fly carries fishing attractive material. The fish get attracted to the lure in an easy way. Best suitable for river and lake position, reservoir and ponds. This belongs to artificial bait lure type with fish attractive features. 

Yet another lure of Shu fishing company for fly fishing is HU FANG-Lure, 6Pcs/Pack Fishing Lure Colorful Spoon Bait 2.2g 25mm Metal Spoon Fishing Lure for Trout Single Hook. The major positions of the lure lie in the ponds, reservoirs, lakes, and streams. The lure category of the product is mainly used by anglers to catch majority of the fishes. Another product is SHU FANG-Lure, Hard Plastic Crankbait Fishing Lure 7.5CM 9G 6# Hooks Group Fishes Swimbait Minnow Fishing Tackle. This lure belongs to the bait category and its positions are lake, stream, ponds, and oceans.

Indeed, the products of Shu for fly fishing meet the requirements of the anglers in all aspects

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