Tips for Knots Used in Fly Fishing

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There are many kinds of knots used in fly fishing. Actually, one of the most essential preparation aspects in fly fishing is knot tying. When fly fishing, if knots haven't been tied properly for the situation anglers are facing or if they haven't been tied in a correct way, fly anglers are not likely to harvest a lot.

How to tie a clinch knot

The common knot used in fly fishing is the clinch knot. What is a clinch knot and how to tie it?

In the first step, after tying an "8" of tippet to the leader, you can take the tag end of the line and pass it through the eye of the hook. 

Secondly, hold the fly in your non-dominant hand while you should ensure that you hold a small loop nest to the eye and then wrap the end of the line around the mainline for five times with your dominant hand. 

Thirdly, after pushing the free end through the little loop, pinch it with thumb and forefinger and then hold on to it.

Tips for tying a fly fishing knot

Here we would like to share you with some tips for tying fly fishing knots.

First, before tightening the knot you are tying, remember to grease it so as to help it slide and seat appropriately and keep the line from getting warm by friction. Also, heat from friction will weaken the line and the knot.

Second, if you want to moisten the knot, you are able to use the stream water or lake water. By such a simple action, instead of pulling two or three times, you can tighten the knot with only one consistent pull.

Eventually, if the knot has been seated, test it to make sure that it is secure enough. After all, there is nothing worse than losing a nice-sized fish on your line. 

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