What Are Cheap Fly Fishing Reels, and Their Usefulness?

Cheap fly fishing reels are an essential component, both for fly fishing and for the economy of those who go fishing, but let's see what exactly is a fly fishing reel, what they are composed of, what they are used for, and the types that exist.

What are fly fishing reels?   

They are spherical devices composed of two circumferential areas as sides and a smaller cylinder that joins the two circumferences, forming a reel, which has the purpose of serving as a container or storage for the fishing line.

The materials in which these reels are manufactured, ranging from steel, aluminum, copper, graphite, plastic, to materials with aeronautical and even space technology, the costs of these instruments are related to the material, technology, design, and brand. 

Parts of the cheap fly fishing reels

  • Needle
  • Reel, safety and counterbalance weight
  • Body or frame 
  • Shaft
  • Brake, consisting of the brake lever, brake disc and adjustment knob
  • Crank
  • Foot

Usability of the cheap fly fishing reels 

On this device the fly fishing line is stored by winding it by means of a component called a crank, in addition, it fulfills the function of balancing all the equipment during the capture, using the special system of braking of the reels the speed of the fish that has been captured is removed, the reels are more important and necessary in the measure that increases the size of the fish that are captured.

According to the waters where the fishing is carried out, the appropriate reel should be used. Deep waters such as offshore require reels with greater capacity and performance, with effective functions for dragging, which can provide resistance to face the attacks of larger fish.

Types of fly fishing reels

There is a very varied range of reels, among which the following stand out. 

Single action

The mechanism of these cheap fly fishing reels is a gear with a mechanism that dampens the spinning of the spool, so that it does not spin non-stop, avoiding tangles in the fishing line.  

The Gaze Trout is a waterproof, lightweight, and economical cheap reel that provides a smooth and fast drag engagement, 

Adjustable brake

In this type of reels the brake acts when the hooked fish pulls the line out, when trying to wind the line to the reel, this action prevents the spool from turning freely, the use of these cheap fly fishing reels is essential for intermediate fish, not very strong, but not so small.

The VM Multi-disc Drag reel is multipurpose, made of aluminum alloy, with a multi-disc drag system and sealed to not allow the entry of water or sand in its gears during the drag, comes in black and silver colors.


This mechanism the knob turns with the spool, when the fish pulls the line trying to escape, they are used only in sea fishing in big size species. 


They have a new mechanism, composed of a rotating turbine immersed in a tank full of oil with variable viscosity, and automatically adjusts the brake as the spool increases the speed when rotating. 

Cartridge brakes

They do not have a coil with a knob, it is a special coil, a cartridge with a cover and its knob. 

Nowadays, with so many types and models, it is difficult to select the reel, it must be done according to the requirements and considering factors such as the type of fish to be fished and the rod to be used.

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