What Are The Best Fly Fishing Knots Every Angler Should Know?

Do you want to know what are the best fly fishing knots? Then you will learn a lot from this article. Here you'll find some of the best knots that should be included in your arsenal of knots. The best knots are those that are reliable. Many anglers are using these knots because they have never failed them. 

100 Percent Arbor Knot 

This knot is created by the late Bill Nash who developed the Flycasting Systems. The 100% in the name means that it delivers 100% line strength or 100% of the rated breaking strength of the backing line. This makes it different from a standard Arbor Knot. This type of knot is used to attach the backing line to a fly reel. So what's the use of having a 100% arbor connection? Well, you'll be happy to have when you're faced with a situation of being spooled by a big fish that your system won't be able to handle. 

Albright Special 

If you want a reliable knot, then you should learn about the Albright Special. This is why it's one of the best fly fishing knots. You can use this knot to join lines that don't have the same diameters or materials. For example, you can use it to join a monofilament to a braided line. Many anglers will agree that this is one of the best knots. Many experienced fishermen use this to attach their fly line to the leader material. Some even cut a factory welded loop only to use an Albright Special. Do you want to tie the dacron to a fly line? Then you can also use this knot. It is also very easy to learn how to tie an Albright Special. And that adds to its popularity.


Clinch Knot 

There's the old Clinch Knot and then there's the updated version. In recent years, the new version has supplanted the use of the old version. Many anglers today don't even know what the old Clinch Knot is. They only know the improved version. But the question, is the old Clinch Knot still useful? The answer to that question is a big "yes!" Many still use the old version throughout their day. This is because it's still one of the most reliable knots. You can also tie it very fast. It can really speed up re-rigging, especially if you're using a two-fly rig. 

Davy Knot 

The Davy Knot is invented by Davy Wotton, who is a fly fishing pro from Britain. This now provides speed, size, and strength. Basically, all the things you're looking for in a knot. And this is why it's one of the best fly fishing knots out there. The Davy knot is similar to the J Knot. So if you're using the J Knot to tie your tippet to the leader, then you can also try using the Davy Knot. It's also the perfect knot for small flies because it's a very compact knot. This shot should definitely be included in your arsenal of knots. 

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