What Are the Best Fly Fishing Podcast Options?

Are you searching high and low for a top-notch fly fishing podcast? If you want to learn about the beloved recreational activity, then you should check out these widely known podcasts without a second of deliberation. You may learn a lot about the angling style and all that it has to offer you.

The Itinerant Angler

The Itinerant Angler is a fly fishing podcast that has been a favorite among devotees for years so far. Zach Matthews is the name of the enthusiast who is at the helm of it. It teaches listeners a lot about the ins and outs of fly fishing these days. Beyond that, it gives them information that pertains to the industry and how it operates.

The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast

The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast is headed by a man by the name of Tom Rosenbauer. This is a biggie among folks who want to learn exactly to tackle fly fishing in all of its glory. Although it's highly instructional, it also presents listeners with commentary that can get their brain juices flowing in a big way. If you have any specific questions that you wish to pose to Rosenbauer, you can send them straight to him for an in-depth response as well.

Drifting With JT Van Zandt

Drifting With JT Van Zandt is a fly fishing podcast that inspires cult-like devotion among its abundance of listeners, and unsurprisingly. JT, in a nutshell, is a fly fishing giant who has racked up seemingly countless fans throughout the years. If you're searching for fascinating details that pertain to the fly fishing industry, then this may just be the correct podcast for you. It can teach you about seasonal fishing strategies, gear shopping, dealing with pests and the whole nine yards.

Anchored With April Vokey

Anchored With April Vokey makes a fine podcast choice for people who have any interest in the province of British Columbia in Canada. That's precisely where it's headquartered, after all. This podcast stands out due to the fact that it opens its listeners up to a diverse array of enthralling yet highly relevant fly fishing subjects. If you want to learn about the nuances of the fly fishing guide lifestyle in this day and age, then you may want to check this podcast out A.S.A.P.

Anchored With April Vokey isn't just a helpful podcast choice for fly fishing fans. That's because it often appeals to people who are keen on spending time outside in nature overall, too.

The Fly Tapes

If you have a penchant for fly fishing podcasts that aren't quite ordinary, then The Fly Tapes may be exactly what the doctor ordered. The episodes revolve around single interviews that feature writers in the fly fishing realm. If you're a fly fishing buff who likes to laugh heartily, then The Fly Tapes may be something that you should check out right away. It's chock-full of information, jokes and so much more.

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