What is The Best Lure to Catch Bluegill?

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Bluegill is the perfect fish to start and learn about fishing, and even for anglers with a lot of experience, catching this species is still a funny moment. Bluegill is not hard to find, you can catch them in lakes, rivers and farm ponds.

Well known in America, it is not the most difficult fish to catch for sure, especially on their spawning sites, aggressive, they literally strike on everything trying to enter on their place.
Here we’ll recommend you some best lures to catch bluegill by the easiest way.

1. Spoons

In Silver, green, gold or black spoons are really useful for lakes and rivers. Small flutter spoons with a double or treble hooks are effective, if you’re fishing in the weeds it’s recommended to use a stop-and-go retrieve, it’s better to keep the lure in action front of them.
For deepest water, slab-type jigging spoons are also effective. You should low the spoon to a correct level then jig it up and down, making pauses, most of the time you’ll get strikes during the drop.

2. Spinnerbaits
When talking about the best lure to catch bluegill you can not avoid the name of Spinnerbaits.
Well known in the world of fishing, do not hesitate to fish with the smallest ones. With flashy colors as yellow, white, chartreuse, purple, bluegill will pay attention to it and will be attract by the lure, keep the lure moving a bit, as often a stop and go rhythmic can be really effective.
First let the spinnerbait come near the bottom then start to retrieve it, make a pause halfway back or even near when you’re close to the weeds.

3. Grubs

One of the most effective lure to fish bluegill.
Motor oil, pumpkinseed smoke, orange and chartreuse are all good choices about the color. Small size (less than an inch most of the time).
Retrieve it slowly, making some pauses in deep water and you’ll get strikes for sure, if nothing happen you should slow down your movement. To Use a bobber on your fly line is recommended.

4. Imitation minnows

A 2 inch imitation minnows is great for open water, with one or more treble hooks. Try to imitate a wounded minnow by tying the yarn directly to the eyelet and rotate the lure in quick strokes.
Top colors are gold, red&white, or black&silver.
Fish with it above the weeds.

5. Carolina rigs

Carolina rigs are also useful for bluegill, a plastic worm between 2 - 4 inch range with a single exposed hook is a perfect choice, or even a small grub hooked in the head, only 1/8 "from the end, on a short shank hook ,eight-to-ten, this last could be really useful if you fish in high pressured water (basspro.com). 
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