What You Need to Know about Twisted Leaders Fly Fishing?

Are you interested to know about twisted leaders fly fishing? One of the things that you need to know about twisted leaders is that it is an underutilized tool. Many anglers don't seem to know that it can actually help them to catch more fish. If you've been searching the Internet for ways on how to improve your fishing. then you've probably seen hundreds and guides already. But there might be one topic that you have missed out on and that is leader systems. It's not a very popular topic but it sure is a very important one. Here in this article, you'll learn about leader systems, particularly twisted leaders.

What are twisted leaders?

If you're into saltwater fishing, then you really should learn about twisted leaders fly fishing. It's the best way to get more performance out of your leader. The main feature of a twisted leader is a loop located at the butt end. This loop connects directly to the fly line. The other end of the leader is attached directly to the tippet. But the best thing about twisted leaders is that they are easy to make. You can even make one while you're in the water already. If you don't want to make your own, then you can simply purchase one from a reputable fly fishing store. Commercial twisted leaders are more complex but they offer more benefits. 

What are the benefits of twisted leaders?

With twisted leaders, anglers can get a good turnover. This is probably the biggest advantage of this kind of leader system. It ups your odds because it gives you a longer cast thanks to a complete leader extension. You also get an instantaneous tension on the fly with the first strip because the leader is fully extended. Having a poor turnover is one of the things that anglers hate the most. It makes it harder to predict where exactly the fly will land and it doesn't provide a good distance. You will need up to five strips before the fly starts moving so it doesn't give you an efficient fishing experience. A twisted leader can beat a standard one anytime, especially if you're using large streamers or topwater flies.

A twisted leader is also much better at absorbing shock caused by a sudden head shake or a violent strike. It can absorb some of the stress on your line. The last thing that you want to happen while you're trying to catch a big one is to have a broken knot. Twisted leaders are much more effective at protecting class tippets than other types of leaders. This is because it provides more stretch. 

You'll appreciate having a twisted leader if you're battling with a snook, tarpon, sailfish, trevally, etc. This is actually the reason why you can see a twisted section in tarpon leaders that you can see in stores. Durability is another benefit provided by twisted leaders fly fishing. They are stronger because they are multi-strand. They are also abrasion resistant and have higher breaking strengths. 

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