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A fly fishing hook size chart helps a professional angler for his task in the river. A keen customer who wants to learn fly fishing is an excellent way should learn about the chart of hooks sizes mentioned. The hook sizes mentioned in a professional chart of fly fishing is the base to catch fishes. The size of the hooks varies a lot and the size is dependent upon usage of the hooks in various locations like saltwater or freshwater. The predator hooks are the bigger one and the range varies from 5 to 1, whereas the freshwater flies range from 4 to 32 size.

fly fishing hook size chart

A standard fly-fishing hook size chart with zero sizes to larger than 3/0. The size of the hook starts from zero and it increases gradually to end with five sizes hook in the chart of the fly fishing. The 10-number hook size is larger than the hook having the size of 20. Usually, the fishermen tie fly with a size of 32. There are many hook sizes charts available in the market and the perfect one has to be chosen by the experienced angler who is interested. Only the veterans know the exact size of the hook used for catching fishes by the anglers

learning through the fly fishing hook size chart

A beginner who wants to achieve his fishing goals must work closely with the veterans in the river for achieving great heights. The styles and shapes of the hook have a direct relationship with the hook size to catch particular fish in the river by the angler. Even different destinations need different hook sizes and hence anglers should decide the type of hook to be used before he starts fishing in the river. In general, there are different recommendations and tips for hook sizes used in the river which are known to the angler without deviation.

hook size and number in the fly fishing hook size chart

Hook size and fly sizes are related to each other according to fly fishing customers or an angler who is well versed in having many years of experience. The smaller the size of the hooks bigger the size of the flies used by an angler. This is a simple formula being adopted by the angler with all expectations to catch fishes. The basic of catching fishes in the river starts from gear knowledge practically and learning chart hook sizes theoretically. The theoretical knowledge of anglers is a must for the learners who love fly fishing to their hearts. For example, the fly size of 4 is big whereas the size of the fly with 24 is very small

The basic knowledge is obtained by the angler only he understands the concept of the hook and flies’ size. Hence, he has to follow the basics closely and deeply in the river by sticking on to the basics. The gape of the hook and the hook size is related to each other. When we say hook size it relates to the hook’s gape. The chart of hook size in the fly-fishing chart explains the details in depth and hence the angler who is well aware of the fact practice the same by following a standard chart for his activity

The chart depicting the hook sizes for fly fishing is kept in the minds of experienced anglers. The new beginner of fly fishing should work with the experienced anglers for learning these chart sizes so that he could come with flying colors at the end. A fly hook size chart tells the customer about the measurement of the hook in inches, mm and hook sizes. For example, if it is 1.5 mm, then 1/16” inches and 20-24 inches is the actual diameter of the hooks in the chart. In another chart, the measurements like tippet size, diameter, breaking LBS, and recommended fly sizes are given. Even fly-tying bead sizes are given in some charts of fly fishing.

Depending upon the size of the hook numbers, the hook length in inches is given in the fly-fishing chart of hook sizes for an angler. For example, 13 number denotes the hook size of 4 inches, 12 number indicates the hook size of 3-3/4 inches, 11 number denotes 3-1/2 inches, 9 number denotes 3 inches, 8/0 number denotes 2-3/4 inches in the chart. These hook sizes are depicted exactly and related to the number of hooks. Hence a customer can learn a lot from this chart for his fly fishing activity.

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