Best Landing Net for Hooke Fly Fishing

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Best Landing Net for Hooke Fly Fishing

Hooke fly fishing is familiar for most of the fly fishing anglers.

It’s a shop and most famous are the fly fishing video part in the website.And also some wears and water bottle which connected with fly fishing,attract many fly fishing anglers.

Hooke fly fishing born on the Restigouche River in 2012, it is an Canadian brand with a mission to promote conscious hunting and sustainable fishing. They devoted to vision and inspire a community of adventurers to explore and better understand the nature that surrounds them.

When you go fly fishing,here’s one thing you should not miss.It is landing net,we can not find any landing net on hooke website so Maxcatch will introduct some landing net to our fly fishing anglers.

Maxcatch provide professional fly fishing landing net for fly fishing anglers,it can secure your catch as well as the future of our beautiful natural environment with our coveted collection of landing nets.Maxcatch team designed with catch & release in mind, each one of our nets, be they either wooden or carbon in nature, are ideal for landing that prize-winning trout you would had your eye on all summer.

Maxcatch design Carbon landing net

Landing your prized catch might not be as glamourous or spectacular as the pitched battle you’ve just waged with your scally adversary with your prized rod and reel combo, but it still requires a landing net of equal quality.

All the Maxcatch fly fishing landing net has flexible and lightweight nylon mesh net.The braided thread hoop is perfect for increased strength.We will try our best to improve fly fishing experience for every fly fishing anglers.

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