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Want to get to know what kind of fly fishing line fits your need? You are definitely right here! Fly fishing looks easy, but once you start to getting into the details, it can get a bit complicated. A perfect example of this is fly fishing line. There are tons of colors, sizes and material differences. Fly fishing line is one of the essential tool of fly fishing, which mostly decides the result of casting. There are many types of fly fishing lines and it varies according to the difference of the fly fishing places. How to evaluate the quality and which one to choose is usually a confusion for anglers. If you are also confused about this problem, come with us and have a look at the fly fishing lines bellow, because you will get your fly line whatever kind of line you want.

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Fly Fishing Line Types Differ From Each Other - A Wide Variety of Fly Lines Make Fly Fishing More Professional

What kind of fly fishing line fits freshwater? If you are going to cast trout, which line is your best choice?

There's no doubt that selecting an appropriate fly fishing line is fundamentally important for the fishing trip. However, the types of fly fishing line are various that anglers cannot master all of them.

Fly fishing line is the most diverse part of fly fishing equipment. Generally, the line is about 30 meters long, and this is the main body of "flying". Fly fishing line can be divided into three basic types according to the size of buoyancy: Floating Fly Line, Sinking Fly Line and Sinking Tip Fly Line.

Floating fly lines are generally with bright colors, such as yellow, grass green, orange red, etc. In the introduction to fly fishing, the first choice is it, because it completely floats on the water and is relatively easy to control. After being proficient, gradually expand to other types of lines.

The color of sinking fly line is darker, such as dark brown, black. There are many types of submerged lines, mainly due to different submerged speeds (specification of xx feet/second), such as moderate submerged lines, rapid submerged lines, and over speed submerged lines.

There is submerged and floated line at the front end of sinking tip fly line. It is a combination of the above two. The main body is a full-floating line, with a submerged line at the front end (also divided into submerged speed specifications), and the submerged line is about 3-5 meters.

According to the difference of fly fishing lines, Maxcatch provide you with different kinds of high quality and professional fly lines. We wish you will find your perfect fly lines here.

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